The ultimate resource for applying evidence-based ideas in basketball

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The ultimate resource for applying evidence-based ideas in basketball

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Our clinics offer entry level access to the evidence-based ideas we share, typically consisting of short one off clinics in 90 minutes or less. These often have a very specific theme, providing coaches with highly efficient learning opportunities and several take-aways to immediately implement.

Our workshops are more in-depth, featuring more modules and lots of shorter videos on a variety of themes. Our workshops are used to take a deeper dive into certain areas, from player development to team coaching, athletic performance, developing a culture, and much more. The content within workshops takes longer than clinics to work through given the more in-depth content that is offered.

Finally, our courses are the most in-depth and immersive learning opportunities that Transforming Basketball offer. Each course is designed to have a major impact on the lens through which you view the game, providing enough material to significantly enhance your coaching. Courses are highly comprehensive, containing hundreds of videos. Many coaches frequently re-visit course material throughout the season. Each course is an investment in your coaching as they add unparalleled value to you and your program. 

Each clinic, workshop and course is a one-off purchase that is not repeated. Subsequently, we do not update our product material. From the moment of purchase, all customers receive a minimum of five years’ access to each product.

No refunds are offered for clinics. Refunds are offered for workshops only if the customer has completed 30% or less of the workshop material. Refunds are only offered for courses if the customer has completed 20% or less of the course material. No refunds will be issued if these thresholds are exceeded.

Our online software prevents shared logins. In the instance of shared logins, one warning will be issued via email. In the second instance, the account will be deleted without a refund. Transforming Basketball provide highly competitive group rates for programs interested in purchasing group access to any of our products. 

We do not offer a membership site, as our sole focus is on providing cutting-edge one off products for basketball practitioners to benefit from.

We would love to hear from practitioners all over the world who are applying our ideas in their own unique manner and in their own unique settings. Please contact us to share your story. 

Coaches and organisations all over the world engage with Transforming Basketball and adopt our methods. Please visit our ‘Events’ page to see the opportunities to work or learn with us directly at an in-person event.

We do not offer consulting to any NBA or NBA G League organisations due to Alex’s role with the Trail Blazers and the Rip City Remix. Consulting is therefore only open to organisations at other levels of the game, including national federations, clubs, schools, collegiate and professional teams. Please visit our ‘Consulting’ page for more on this.

Transforming Basketball Contributors are individuals who Alex has developed a close working relationship with over the years. Many of these contributors started by purchasing our online material or attending in-person events. From here, in-depth discussions emerged which led to the opportunity to contribute to the work we do. As such, there is no application process to become a Transforming Contributor. If you are passionate about using the CLA and demonstrated over time that you are ‘all in’ with the ideas we share, we will seek you out! 

Please get in touch with Alex directly through the ‘Contact’ page, which is much preferred to social media messages. Please add ‘For Alex’ in the subject line so we can ensure your message gets promptly passed on. 

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